Thursday, October 31, 2013

From Pine to Pretty

I've been back on a DIY kick lately because we are finally getting close to moving and I want to have some projects already completed for the new house.

Here's a few things I've been working on...

Console table makeover. This little gem was a discounted find on line. It cost me a whopping $30, plus about $20 in paint, primer and supplies. I have plenty of paint leftover for something else too.

I admit I went through a light colored wood phase sometime in the late 90's, but now I'm all about black or charcoal gray furniture. So this little table was destined for a Pottery Barn knock-off look. It took a coat of primer, 3 coats of black paint, lots of sanding, a stain pen for the distressed edges and a few coats of furniture wax. I'm glad I tried this on a small piece first because there was more work involved than I anticipated, but I love the end result.  I think it looks a lot more sophisticated and updated. BTW, I found a very similar table on line and it cost $900! Now, that's crazy talk. Props if you spotted the cat watching the progress! 

A few of the other DIY projects in this pic include the star bust mirror, the faux canvas print and the succulent terrariums.  

This mirror was made with a 10" round candle display plate from Michaels and about 50 paint sticks from Home Depot. Because I'm totally chicken, it actually took me 3 months to collect enough paint sticks to make this! I was totally embarassed about grabbing 50 sticks at once, so it took me several trips to grab handfuls at a time. When I finally had enough, I used the vinegar/steel wool approach to staining them. It didn't give me the dark gray color I desired so I added a coat of really strong black tea and they instantly turned this color! It was perfect and easy. The short sticks are trimmed to length and then they are hot glued to the back of the mirror. I recommend drawing a circle guide on the back to help keep you on track. It turned out bigger than I thought, but is so light weight that only one picture hanger glued on the back holds it up. 

My hubby thought I "messed up the edges" on the table. I guess he doesn't understand the distressed look! But I think it looks really good and is far more interesting than a straight black piece. I used a stain pen for the edges because the original pine was too light for my taste.  

The terrariums are glass vases from Goodwill, rocks, dirt and flea market succulents. They are probably the only plants on earth I can keep alive. No joke. 

The "canvas" is actually an 8x10" luster print from Costco glued (Mod Podge) to an artist canvas from Michaels with the edges painted black. It probably cost less than $4 to make, which is way cheaper than a real canvas! I made 3 total which will probably go on a gallery wall in the new house.

The new house walk-thru is next week. I'm excited to see everything installed, new and pretty. Moving day can't come soon enough! Happy Halloween!