Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My baby is a beaver!

EMERGENCY!  Little girl is sprouting her teeth. She already has two bottom teeth, and the front top two started to make their appearance. What better teething toy than the crib rails? Well, Grandma spent a pretty penny on the crib that will supposedly last her through high school graduation, so I didn't want tiny teeth marks forever embedded in the rails. Not to mention that paint and wood are probably not on the "baby's first food" list.  I had to act fast.

So I searched the Internet for possible solutions.  There's the stick on kind, which reviews show as not-so-sticky, and they ruin your paint. Then there's the fabric bumpers which are quite expensive, especially if you go to ETSY and look for a custom design. They can run you $100 for 3 sides!  Then I thought, "Hey, I have mad sewing skills now, I'll make it myself"!  I found this tutorial, and off to Jo Ann I went.

I tried to get a before shot of baby actually biting the rail, but she doesn't perform on demand, yet.  So here's a cute pic of her anyway.

$19 for materials, one evening, half a nap time, and this quickie was complete. The rails have been saved!

I think they came out nice, and will function as needed.  The only thing I might do differently, if there is a next time, is to use ribbon instead of making the ties. Those ties took me at least two hours to make! Ribbon would've been so much easier.  Live and learn. 

On to the next project.  I think I'll put away the sewing machine for awhile. 

- Sarah

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