Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Saving and old friend

My hubby has had a hand-me-down couch since we met. It was one of those things that he wanted to hang on to because its the last remaining thing from his bachelor pad days. I, on the other hand wanted to set up a donation pick up for the stained eye sore. After some "discussion", we agreed to try and save the old girl so she can someday live in our loft, aka "Man Cave".

I wish I had a better before pictures, but I was so excited when the slip cover was delivered by Amazon, I forgot to take them! Here's a picture of a cushion, just so you can see what I was dealing with for the last 8 years!

This is actually the better of the two seat cushions. The other is totally thread bare and stained. Can you say years of two male roommates eating fast food, plus a lazy dog? Ick.

So one love seat slip cover, 5 pillows, lots of pulling and tucking later....

Good as new! I think it'll look nice in the "Man Cave", and it saved us spending $$$ on a new one. This quick make over cost less than $100, mostly for the slip cover. I made the purple and NAP pillows for a little extra zip and comfort. Hubby is happy his old friend was saved from the donation truck.


PS: Look for the NAP pillows to make a reappearance in a future give away!


  1. Fabulous upcycling project - love the whimsy of the NAP pillows.